Wooden Toy Rattle

Wooden Toy Rattle

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Babies will love the shapes, the movement, and the sounds!

This toy is made from Ash tree, which is very strong but elastic. It is finished with linseed oil, also reinforced with a safe adhesive for children.

appropriate for ages: 3 - 12 month  

Handmade in Latvia 

- Size ------------------------


Diameter 17.0 cm
Width (handle) 1.5 cm
Weight 45g



Length 10.0 cm
Height 8.0 cm
Width (handle) 1.5 cm
Weight 45g


Length 11.0 cm
Height 10.0 cm
Width (handle) 1.5 cm
Weight 35g



Length 6.5 cm
Height 12.0 cm
Width (handle) 1.5 cm
Weight 40g


-- Material -------------------

Ash Tree, Linseed Oil, Beeswax
*Beeswax is harmless for infants.  Possible botulism spores would be rendered inactive by the heat.