Latvia is one of the Baltic states in North Europe. The country has restored their independence from the Soviet Union (Russia) in 1991 but their history has been long since the Viking age.

In spite of a bloody history; wars, occupations, and hard-earned independence, this country has never lost their traditions and spirits including their flag and the language.
Latvia is one of the beautiful countries of the world with the untouched forests, the majestic rivers, and the tranquil lakes, also many Medieval towns, streets all over the country.
People are proudly living with their nature, their history, their traditions and creating great future of the country with their strong Latvian spirits and sophisticated designs!

Latvia is also known as one of the world’s greenest countries.
You can access numerous untouched forests and the tranquil lakes with beautiful scenery!


There is a daina, which is a traditional form of music or poetry in Latvia, named “Pieci Vilki Vilku Vilka”.
It’s very popular among children.

” Pieci vilki VILKU VILKA
Pa slidenu ezeriņu;
Visi pieci nepavilka,
Astes vien kustināja.”

The folk song sings about five wolves who are dragging another wolf.
We took a phrase “VILKU VILKA” for our name with wishing our shop is going to be loved like this song!

riga wolf


Linen, the most widely used fabric in Latvia, was one of the country’s main exports during the 18th and 19th centuries
Baltic flax turns into one of the top quality linen in the world.

Why linen??
-a higher moisture absorbency
-quick dry and naturally antibacterial, anti-allergenic
-twice stronger than cotton.
– massaging properties and a relaxing effect

Our linen products are crafted by hand one by one. They are very strong and not to be worn out easily. The more you use, the softer they are going to be.